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Monday, May 21, 2007

My Love

My Love

The first time I saw her
my love had a glimmer gleaming
just as a breeze blew her silken
strands of crimson locks into those
emerald eyes she wetted her sweet
ruby lips and ever so gently she
placed them behind her sweet ear

and I was her slave . . .
entranced by love I could not
look away and yet oh yes and yet
I had to look anywhere but there
she walked my way . . . no wait
she floated in my direction her feet
never touching the unclean path

and with each step her hips
danced her buxom bosom rolled
and swayed in tune with the beat
of my heart and I followed her
movements carefully with my stare
and I longed for them to touch
to hold and caress

I couldn’t look up I could
not speak for I knew she’d
know . . . my lust my love
she stopped and spoke to him
. . . my throat grew tight and
choked the wind from my lungs
. . . I was complete and now
I wasn’t . . . lost to me
before I knew her name

but wait the dance begins again
I watch her saunter and then she
stops in front of me and speaks
again good evening sir . . . I did
not know what to say . . . so I
stuttered sssit ppplease
and she did.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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