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Friday, May 4, 2007

Tell Me Your Life Altering Story

Six years ago, on a trout stream . . . I found my life’s passion. As it started to rain, I went back to my truck for lunch. And as it continued to rain, I took out a note pad and started to write my first story . . . I never stopped, never doubted it was my true love in life. Sometimes you have to take a wrong path, to find the right one.

Five years ago, my mom died and I made her a promise, never to quit following my dream. And I haven’t and never will.

Last year my son was diagnosed with CANCER and I stopped for a moment, until he was C-free. And now I’m writing once again. And one day I will write my son’s story, because ever parent needs to know . . .

Dreams only happen when you let them . . . Many times you put barriers in the way of your own happiness, many times you look for excuse rather than solutions . . . Is the glass half full or half empty . . . Start there, fix that first . . . Take of the bad and put back the good. You can do it . . . I did.

Do you have a story to share? Something that altered your course forever, tell us . . .

Dan Hanosh

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