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Sunday, May 6, 2007

I grew up in another time

I grew up in another time

I grew up in another time, a time where we thought about America in terms of domination and pride of being . . . Being number one, not two, three or four. Where did that go? When did we stop believing in ourselves? When did we stop trying to help each other?

I read today that Toyota is number one . . . I’ve never not bought an American made vehicle and so many tell me oh so many reasons why I’m not buying American anymore. They say all the parts come from far away lands and that my GMC is made in Canada or Mexico or some other land . . . And all I say is, where’s the Company’s Corporate head quarters?

Because where it is, is where the money goes. Things may change, but let’s be frank . . . Where the factories go, so does the money and when the money’s gone, America will be an alien land, a wasteland.

And maybe that’s just another cause leading to a cheaper labor force . . . But then again don’t kid yourself for those that believe in money first, will always have another reason why they choose to move.

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