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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Because Parents need to know

Because Parents need to know . . .

Part 1 . . . What’s the worst part of CANCER

Of course it could be the end . . . But other than that, it’s finding out. A parent’s worst nightmare is finding out a child has CANCER.

My son complained that his shoulder hurt. He carried a backpack that weighed at least 40lbs. And we thought it was that . . . And so we took him to a friend of mine, a chiropractor and he worked on him for several weeks. And my son didn’t get better . . . And my friend he said you better get an MRI and we did.

I remember a phone call from my doctor. He wanted us to come in. And when we did, his nurse took us to a waiting room and I passed his office. I looked in and he was seated with his head in his hands . . . And I knew.

And the minutes that followed were the longest I have ever had to go through. And tears swelled in my eyes and my throat seemed to fight for air. My stomach began to knot.

And then he came in . . . And our five months of Hell began . . .

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