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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Because parents need to know . . . part2

Because parents need to know . . .

Part 2 . . . My Nightmare Continues

We left the doctors office, stunned, but unsure of what was about to begin. We knew he had a growth, but we didn’t know if we should worry or . . . And after finding out a biopsy was done and three days later we knew, he had the Big C, CANCER. The word everyone runs from.

A funny thing happened . . . We went to Starbucks for coffee two weeks before any of this occurred. And somehow my wife started talking to the person behind the counter . . . He told us, he was CANCER FREE . . . And I spent an hour with this young man. He shared his story and his live with me and before I left I gave him a hug and said if you ever need anything, call me and handed him my card.

And two weeks later, we knew by phone . . . It was the Big C. Wow, the wind was knocked out of me . . . The thoughts that fly through your mind when you find that your little boy may die . . . That’s what happens when you get the Big C, isn’t it?

That’s what I thought . . . And so my wife and I had to drive, to escape, to run and hide . . . But there’s no hiding from the Big C . . . We drove and drove so many hours and ended up in the Dells . . . We went to a Casino to forget and the quarters fell like m and m’s. And when we left in the dark black of night, as I drove my thoughts stopped on my poor little one, seventeen is too young for any of this. And my tears began to flow and I didn’t care who saw any of this. Not my wife, no one mattered. And they never stopped until I reached my blacktop drive . . .

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