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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

what happened along the way


I am a baby boomer . . . Why aren’t we living the American Dreams? Why aren’t we happy? I am you say . . . But then why are we always buying up every kind of junk imaginable? HDTV’s, CD Players, MP3’s, Ipods, Xboxes, and so many fads, from jeans to makeup, why?

Large houses we can’t clean. so many rooms no one has to be together anymore . . . And a T.V. in every room.

Jeff Foxworthy calls us Rednecks . . . We seem to like shiny things and NASCAR plates.

We seem to worship the money God . . . Believing the more we have the better we are. A homeless man with nothing, we turn our backs to and say he’s probably has a mansion or two, why? Those that aren’t so lucky we ridicule.

Because whatever desire, we struggle to acquire, our aloof brass ring is what we reach for and never to take our eyes off of. We watch and watch that ball, we watch it grow, we watch go. It consumes our every waking moments, it’s what we want, it’s what we learn to respect, it’s money, those with it, and the power it brings, the things it buys. We think its happiness.

And yet we’re not happy, why?

Dan Hanosh
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