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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Each day I walk my neighborhood . . .

. . .

Each day I walk my neighborhood . . . Yup, I’m on a diet and trying to get in shape. And everyday I wander two to three miles. Each day I notice something that amazes me.
Maybe a turkey in the woods, pieces of a sparrow’s egg or bats flying overhead.

Today two boys were outside playing catch with a baseball . . . Not so amazing you’d think, but ever since I came to this neighborhood, these two boys are always outside and always they are playing with a ball.

Today in the world in which we live, no one seems to be growing up the way I did. I was always running, fishing or playing basketball, baseball, football. In a world of cable TV, video games and the internet, no one seems to take the time for playing sports . . . Basketball has been replaced by globalization and soccer seems to be the game of choice.

Ever wonder why baseball is overrun by Hispanics? Why basketball players seem to come from every place other than the heartland of the U.S.?

Dreams . . . Sports are no longer an American dream. I wonder if fishing will go the way of the past? Everyone says change is good, maybe it is or just maybe we really are losing our heritage?

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