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Friday, July 13, 2007

Why Do We Become What We Despise


I wonder if we Americans are just a bunch of hype . . . I mean aging values in a world filled with others that don’t think the way they do?

This week I went camping, staying in a campground in Northern Wisconsin. Is a campground the modern version of the dream of owning your own town?

There, I ran into Leroy Brown, not his real name, I’m being flippant. This old gent reminds me of the old man on the corner, the guy everyone passes by, crossing to the other side of the street.

Sheriff Leroy likes red shirts, Sheriff Leroy, talks with every gun toting varmint that enters his town . . . All from the porch of his office, doubling as the camp admissions. And he gazes at everyone as if their vermin . . . There’s a sheriff in town and he wears red.

And that’s when I do something stupid and cross sheriff Leroy. I drive into the campground going too fast, 15 in a 5 . . . Sheriff ‘red’ Leroy waves me to a stop. He saunters up to my truck. I’m thinking he just wants to be friendly. I stop, roll down the window . . .

“That’s too fast!” he shouts.
“Was I going too fast?”
“Yea, way over,” he said giving me that eye. You know, I’m watching you and you’re f***Up, if it continues I’m a going to run you out of this here town.

. . . And that’s when I really get peeved. All the while, his boy darts around the place. And I say to myself, I thought there was a speed limit . . . Maybe not for some?

I remember George Bush not wearing his seat belt . . . And for the first time I buckle mine . . . The law is not something to be held lightly, it’s all we’ve got. And anyone mocking it, well . . . Don’t let the door catch you on you’re A** as you’re leaving my Country . . .

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