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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How about being a part of something bigger


. . .

Dreams has been awarded the Bloggers With Integrity Award.

Thank you, Nom de plume The Poetress, Binding Ink III. I will display it proudly as a symbol to live and die by.

In a world that has all but lost its credibility this award shines above as if it came from the heavens . . . Integrity is a not just a word to me, it’s a guiding force, rules to live my life by. And that means so much, to stand strong for your beliefs, your ideals, adherence to a code . . .

I am not at all sure Dreams is deserving of this award. There are so many others that are more deserving.

So long ago I thought integrity was something all people sought. Now I see it as one of the lost wonders of the world, the lost traits of a civilization; honesty, compassion, loyalty, bravery, conviction, integrity, generosity. . . Today one phrase seems to stand out among us all, success at any cost.

I wonder as we sink into that quagmire will we have lost so much that when we actually achieve victory it will seem meaningless. Any way Poetress thank you from the bottom of my heart. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

How about being part of something great?
How about being a blogger with a cause, a Dream? Bloggers can make a difference. It’s easy to start and so hard to keep going day after day. But it’s worth it . . .

Norman Rockwell painted pictures of places that didn’t exist, so we would long for them, even try to find them . . . And writers wrote of the Utopian Dream, Xanadu, and Genghis Con’s summer pleasure palace. Lost Horizons, eternal youth as long as you stayed there . . . And then there’s The Garden of Eden.

Is there such a place? No . . . It’s not a place . . . It’s a state of mind, one of peace, happiness, friendship and everything good. So how do we get there? That’s the easy part, just start walking, taking small steps, waving, smiling and making our way to becoming a better person tomorrow than any of us our today. Watch and see.

Let me ask you, do you blog only for money? And after two weeks why are you still blogging? After a year? There’s probably no reason to go on unless you blog for another reason . . . Only long hours, hard work and time will get you what you seek. And it will be so tough, everything is. Ever wonder why? It’s because if it were easy, no one would appreciate their successes.

Would you like a link on Dreams are yours to share? Tell me something I didn’t know where you made a difference in someone’s life.

Our Friend Jim and the Mrs.

Sometimes I could just scream
we preach the golden rule
we think everyone knows of such
a thing and yet we just can’t see
their pain . . .

sometimes we can’t see past
our slant sloped noses and then
and then something happens something so
big so wonderful it opens each of our
hearts . . .

a friend we know takes in a
homeless stranger he takes her
into his heart he gives her
shelter in a time of need
she’s sick with no one

and our friend opens his home
his heart . . . his wife drives
her to the pantry and she
confesses ‘I’ve got just six
months’ . . .

and nothing seems as important
church bells are ringing
. . . feel the chill we’ve
gained another two . . . our friend
Jim and the Mrs.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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ndpthepoetress - Jeane Michelle Culp said...

What a wonderfully beautiful deep thoughtful considerate post Dan Hanosh! Your writing here is merely an example of why you so deserve this award, as you are a genuine representation of integrity for all us Dreamers.