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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Lions and the Lambs

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The Lions and the Lambs . . .

People just won’t toot their own horn . . . We need hope. We need to know how bloggers are making a difference. And change has to come from us. We have to love life to want to live. We have to be happy to love and happy to dream. That doesn’t mean everything is going come up roses . . . If it did, it would be oh so boring; don’t you think?

Last night I went to see Lions for Lambs. It’s a scary offshoot of what’s going on in this country and I got mad . . . You see when I was growing up I couldn’t understand how the German people could allow such atrocities in their country. I know now. People are basically good, all people until something, knocks over the lamp . . . And whirl wind busts loose and all is lost.

For some reason we’re afraid to lose this war or look like we did? I was too young for the draft during The Nam. But it entered my house every night. Friends of mine went and fought. One was dropped in Cambodia when we weren’t supposed to be there . . . 450 Green Berets went in, 150 came out on foot, fighting hand to hand the whole way. My friend, his brother, kept each other alive. And somehow we left a big part of him over there . . .

I have never seen a split of wills like this. I can only compare it to what I’ve read about our American Civil War, the rift is similar. I never want to see brothers fighting brothers, but its in the wind . . . Heaven help us, our leaders don’t get it.
Somehow this madness has to end. Today, they said 50 billion isn’t enough to fight their stupid war. And China is gearing up . . . Iran wants a nuke and we fly a B52 from North Dakota to Louisiana with sidewinder nukes under its wings . . .

The war was wrong. Any war fought over policy is wrong. We have been manipulated . . . How’s it feel knowing that they pulled your strings? I’m mad, but . . . And the truth, both parties are doing it. Your tax dollars were used to teach them how . . . Think Tanks, disinformation.

What is too far? How far is too far? How many lives are too many? We don’t feel any more, do we? The solution is at hand . . . Pick up that hammer and slam it against the back of your hand with all your strength . . . Now you can feel again. Now you know pain again. Now you know not to do it again . . . You won’t. That’s what Vietnam was supposed to be . . . Too painful to repeat and we did. And we’ll learn again.

There is some good news . . . When we wake up they’ll never be able to do it again. They’ll never be able to pull our strings, never be able to convince us that war is righteous. How can death and dying be righteous?

I’m afraid if we don’t become outraged now, it’s just going to be too late. Our kids seem to be numb . . . I’m not sure why, they just go about their daily business, as do we. The Brave Few. Dan

To My Readers . . .

I am sorry. Sometimes I just become overwhelmed by what I see. I do my best to keep Dreams’ from being political, but I just couldn’t help myself. I had to write something, say something, feel like I did something . . . Dreams are yours to share. Dan

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dtort69 said...

Thanks Dan for your kind words and link to my blog! I'm looking forward to seeing some real pledge action soon!. I'm walking the web! Thanks