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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The World Isn't Just About Me . . .

The Sun Will Always Shine Tomorrow . . .

, . . I am looking for seven interesting people to link their site with
Dreams . . . Look guys you need to be interesting enough for me to want to
know you. I’m looking for characters. Sure some of you are good looking, but
that’s not what I’m looking for . . . So sorry, Good Bye.

Now for those that
live an exciting life . . . Can’t use you either, Good bye.

I’m looking for those
who think their so boring it hurts. I’m looking for those who want a
different life . . . The real deal, those that want to be friends . . . Not
the fakes, the say anything to fit in crowd. Don’t want them, Good bye.

I’m looking for the
sweats and T-shirt gang . . . The ones that stay online all night looking for
something interesting to amuse themselves . . . Only to come down to go to
the little boy or girls room. Not really the gamer-geeks or puter-nerds or
porn puttees, Good bye to you.

I know you . . . You’re
much more than any of the others. So where are you?

Do you want to fight
for a cause? To be part of something so big . . . If so, give me a private
shout and we’ll see what we can be achieve . . . Dan

Today every where you turn things are happening, bad things. It happens every time the world goes nuts with war. Only this time, I see every one caught up in the “me mode” . . . It’s a little disconcerting.

Yesterday was an anniversary of sorts. Not a happy day. I’m a writer and I write things that I think you should know, not because it’s about me, but because every one usually feels the same way at one time. Enough of a disclaimer . . . Six years ago my mother died of Lung CANCER, the pain of death never goes away.

I usually call my Dad on the fourteenth, but I didn’t yesterday. I didn’t want to hear about his trip to the cemetery, the one I know he made. I didn’t want to hear about all the regrets, the should ofs and could ofs of a life of toil . . . Why do we put off living?

Life isn’t easy, on the contrary it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever attempt . . . But let me tell you I hate the fall. Things die in the fall. And every birthday I get depressed . . . Because four days later, my best friend in the world died, horribly, two months after 9/11.

And every November it’s the same sadness, until I realize just how lucky I was to have had the greatest friend in the world and I smile . . . For I am a writer, living my Dreams because of her. Thank you, mom.

For my 50th birthday my son gave me a Girl Scout Handbook, the original copy from the 1920 edition. You see I was a Girl Scout . . . An honorary one, boys were not Girl Scouts. My Mom was a leader and I was toted to every meeting. At day camp, I was the only one to have finished every craft they had had. I was bored out of my mind and out of place, but they made me feel welcome and kept me busy. Later in life with pride, I would say I learned that in Girl Scouts . . .

My boy also gave me a silver flask/cigar holder, with the words, “Dreams Are Yours To Share” engraved on it. And everyone knows just how important those words are to me. They started as just my signature at book signings and now they are my mission in life.

From my little buddy Chris, co-author of “Sleepless Nights”, his mother, gave me a framed picture of my little buddy and me holding our book and sharing a smile . . . You see the little things are the most important. And slowly the pain of fall is being replaced with happy moments. That’s healing. We never forget, we just add happy moments to balance our load. So now you know the whole story . . . Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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