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Monday, December 17, 2007

An Act of Kindness . . .

. . .

Kindness lives on . . . My Dream Lives. The other day, my wife noticed a young couple ordering at Denny’s . . . They had a small baby. Babies are a money eating machines. Everything they have to have is so ridiculously high priced.

Their order went something like this;
“How much is the burger and fries?” asked the girl.
“…We don’t have enough for that,” said the youthful father.

Many years ago, when I was a young, newly married. We didn’t have the money for a two hundred and fifty dollar T.V. and so we bought it credit. Back then all interest was a tax deduction. Our Government wanted you to borrow money . . . I think the interest was twenty-eight percent and it took us twelve months to pay it off. They called it Reaganomics . . . The Hunt brothers bought up all the silver. It was at an all time high, an ugly time.

And we were the lucky ones . . .

Anyway that night, unbeknownst to me wife paid for the family’s food . . . I don’t think of this as charity, to me it’s the same as being short a few cents in the grocery line or a buck and the guy behind you throws it down . . . We’ve done that so many times.

I’m sure it has to do with early on, when we were on our own. Those closest to us, were hundreds of miles away. And you know back then, so many good people helped us out . . . I’m smiling just thinking about them.

To every joyous action is a down side. In a world that boasts of its greatness, we fail to see those around us in need . . . I failed to see, their pain. What’s happening to us?

Dreamers IN Motion lives to find another day, to give us the will to make it to another time.

Share your Acts with me and I’ll share them with everyone. Let’s build a better tomorrow. Ever wanted to be part of something so big . . . It’s up to all of you.

How about writing a book together? . . . Now it’s just a thought, but maybe . . . And that my friends, depends on you. How about an act based solely from the heart? All proceeds to go for something bigger than any of us. What do you think?

Do you have a story you’d want to share? An act of goodness for the world to see, hope is alive . . . You see, they walk among us . . . Angels. Buried deep within each of us, they live. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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Peter said...

Hi! Another heart warming story and I agree it does not take much to make this world a better place. Regards Peter.

Anita said...

One time I was working graveyard in a convenience store. A woman pulled in, filled her gas tank, and came in to pay. As I ran her credit card, I could tell she had been crying. She was telling me that her father had died, and she was trying to get back home for the funeral, but she was running out of money, and her car wasn't running right, and she still had several hundred miles to go.
Well, her credit card was not approved. She was devestated, she had no other money.
I paid for her gas, so that she could get home. I never expected to see her again,I wasn't concerned about the money, but several weeks later I went to work and there was an envelope for me from her, paying me back.
I used that job a lot to help people. I miss that part of it...