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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Do you read blogs . . .


Ok before you read any further . . . If you use this . . . Make sure my sites are the first you add to Google Reader . . .

. . . Now You May Continue . . .

I have over 3000 friends and until recently have had no way to read many of their blogs. That is until now. I use Google Reader and each time my friends update, I automatically read their blogs. You may have noticed a Google Reader in your referral. That may be me.

Today I am reading maybe 50 blogs, tomorrow it may be 100 and the next 150 . . . That used to take a half day and now it takes maybe 10 minutes. You be the judge.

You see I leave the Google Reader running and it tells me when I have a new blog to read. I click on the tab and click on the block and scroll down, done. Back to what ever I was doing . . .

Now truthfully, I do go to my friends, those that I know from seeing them at my sites, from leaving comments or shouts to me . . . And I only add them to the reader when something reaches out to me, grabs me . . .

If you want numbers, you have to read blogs or let say good bye to you now before you quit. You have to remove those dead links . . . Nothing annoys me more than to click on someone’s top friends and find out they left long ago . . . Don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours.

Each day I weed out the dead links, anything over three days . . . Why? Because when they come back I’ll add them again and they’ll get an email and maybe come back to my site once again. Did I tell you blogging is a numbers thing? It’s all about numbers.

When I get everything up-to-date, then I’ll be trying some new strategies, but remember to look at your referrals to see if I came to your site? I probably did . . . Dreams are yours to share. Dan

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