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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Half dollar size snowflakes . . .

Sorry, Ramblings on the wires. Enter at your own risk . . .

Have you ever gazed on half dollar size snowflakes? Have you ever wondered if it would ever stop? The schools are closed, but businesses remain open . . . Ever wonder why?

In fifty years I can’t remember flakes so big . . . Yup, it’s snowing again. We have about ten inches on the ground and growing by the minute. This is the fifth or sixth snow with accumulation since Thanksgiving. Sure it’s beautiful.

Last night the dogs were barking at a huge buck standing on our mound. It ran off and then they started up again for a smaller doe. That’s when I realized we were in for a snow maker . . . Last time I remember a storm like this, a turkey came by looking at his reflection in the sliding glass door.

I have a GMAC 3500, a six wheeled number. It’s a heavy weight, diesel with an Allison transmission, the kind the big boys have. Snow won’t stop it . . . But ice? Today I almost lost it, almost spun it completely around. It’s a very humbling experience.

I been tagged again . . . Lord I hate meme’s, so tomorrow . . . I wrote most of it last night intending to post it today, but I wasn’t too kind, so I’ll let it sit a day or two and rewrite it.

Little things set me off and then I can’t write anything worth a damn. Two little things got to me . . . I wish I could just forget, but nothing works but writing and by then that’s not working either.

My problem is a catch-22. I am not starting anything new until my novel is finished. My novel won’t be finished because I’m not writing anything new. You see, my motivation comes from my creativity, which comes from writing, not editing. And when I’m writing, really writing I have to stay away from family and friends . . . They have a tendency to say the wrong thing.

What’s a big deal to some isn’t to me, like spelling. If I misspell a word, everyone’s quick to let me know. The last thing someone said to me was an age was wrong, I was off by for years . . . In the scope of things, it just really didn’t matter. How would that change anything? It just didn’t really matter. Sure it would have been nice to be right, but . . .

We are complex and yet we don’t see things clearly. Currently when I write poetry, I don’t use commas. I don’t want the backdrop to rise overshadowing the words, the meaning. All that truly is important is the words and the message, the rest just is. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

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Book Calendar said...

The taco bell ad almost made me jump out of my pants. Darn what is it with sound ads. Congrats on the new book.