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Monday, December 10, 2007

Not Quite THE END, But My Dream Lives . . .

I have found my bliss again . . . You won’t believe where? Between 12:00am and 4:00am, that’s where. I’m writing again. I’m writing for real. Real words, similes, metaphors and poignant thought . . . This is what I meant, when I wrote I had lost something. No more, IT HAS BEEN FOUND. My life seems so crazy, compared to everyone else. But then I live a different kind of life.

I’m down to just five chapters on the edit of Sins of a Father. I think it’s pretty good. That’s saying something, for I am my greatest critic. I have been working on Sins since 2003, that’s four years. This last edit has taken a year . . . I think I’ve rewritten the whole thing five, maybe six times . . . It’s over 105,000 words, over 300 pages, probably closer to 400. The last edit I scrutinized every word, they had to sing. Now I have made loads of grammar mistakes . . . I favorite the compound run-on sentence, but it has to sing. My words have to pull the reader along when the plot might not . . .

I have read this so many times . . . Though now, it’s an easy read.

For a novel, four years is a ridiculous long time. And that’s true, but how does a beginner learn to write? With each word, each page. The rewrites are maddening, because each day you grow as a writer. And with each day you discover new things and new truths. And of course that means changing the plot, fixing character traits, dialogue, dialect, descriptions . . . Anything and everything to create a story worthy of being read . . .

It’s not quite THE END, but my dream lives. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

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Debbie Dolphin said...

You have been tagged by a Dolphin! Go figure...

Peter said...

Hi! Congratulations on the near completion of your book. Having someone independant proof read your book may come in handy. As for grammar errors there has to be something better around other than what's at the top of the page or what is used in MS word for example. My life saver is my wife! She is my checker! All the best!