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Friday, December 28, 2007

It's That Time Again . . .

Every year at this time I sit down and evaluate my goals. I have done a lot in my fifty years. And this year I’ll share my goals with you . . .

For me . . . 2007 was a great year.
1. My youngest son is Still CANCER-FREE.
2. My oldest son got married and I have a great daughter-in-law. She’s going to school to be a Pharmacist; she’ll have a Pharm-D. Their version of a PHD. Cool.
3. My Little Buddy and I, published Sleepless Nights. I have never seen anyone so excited. He can’t wait to write another . . . I can’t disappoint him.
4. I finished writing my novel, Sins of a Father. Only took four years. I’m happy with the results.
5. Wrote a personal Christmas story with my little buddy. It was nice.
6. I have made a lot of friends Blogging . . . Friends for a writer is a great thing.
7. The Country is still a mess. We’re showing our naïve.
8. Only read sixteen books . . . Sins took most of my time as did blogging.

Goals for 2008 . . .
1. Make a marketing plan for Sleepless Nights and start selling some books.
2. Find a publisher for Sins of a Father and get it published in 2008.
3. Cut back on blogging . . . Stop spending so much time at the blog logs. It’s not doing any good.
4. Decide which book you’ll finish next . . . This Side Of Midnight or We Walked Alone? One’s about growing up on the playground and the other is about a parent’s worst nightmare. Earmarked for 2009.
5. Lose 80 pounds and get ready for the AT.
6. Read sixty books in 2008.
7. Write another Christmas Story.
8. Start another poetry book . . . Still looking for a theme.
9. Go to Mexico for Christmas.
10. Do some trout fishing . . . I haven’t since I started Sins.
11. Start painting again.
12. Write a play . . .
13. Write a song . . .
14. Be Happy . . . That’s easy for me. I’m living my dream. LOL here.
15. Write more letters to friends.

Goals before I die . . .
1. Go to Mexico and see a Bull Fight.
2. Go to Spain and do the Hemingway thing . . . The Sun Also Rises. Trout fishing, wine, cheese and bread, the running of the bulls and bull fights.
3. Go to London and visit the Dead Poets and take some etchings.
4. Take a train to Washington . . . Write poetry all night and leave it at the Vietnam Wall. It’s a small thing, for those who gave so much.
5. Go to Paris and go to art museums, the Luve. I love art.
6. Hike the AT . . . All 2200 miles and write poetry the whole way.
7. Travel the world by ship. Do the Twain thing as in The Innocents Abroad.
8. Hike Kilimanjaro.
9. Write a NY-Times Best Seller.
10. Go Back To Montana before I die . . . I want to see heaven again.
11. Canoe the continental U.S.
12. To see the world at peace . . . Or at least try to work for peace.
13. Write a play and see it produced.
14. Write a song and see it on MTV. I want to see my name in the credits.

Goals are simply objects of desire . . . Not everything will be accomplished. But many of them will . . . What are your goals? Simply stating being wealthy isn’t a goal. You need to be more definitive in your selection.

Remember love, happiness, success, health, friendship in your goals . . . Dreams are always good. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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Kimmylyn said...

Great Post. I will have to get my goals together..

Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

mamawsue said...

Dan, I love reading your posts! I have my goals together for 2008, but haven't shared them yet.
So glad to hear about your son. It is wonderful news!!!!

Hope every goal comes true for you!!!

Sue ~mamawsue~

angesbiz said...

Hi Dan! That is some list of goals you have. Great stuff :)

I want to wish you very blessed and prosperous new year and will put it out there for you to get that book of yours published. Have an awesome day!


Julie said...

Hi Dan,

I really enjoyed reading your goals list. I also like to sit down and review the year that has passed and prepare a goals list for the new year.

I have to admit that I am running a bit behind on it this year. I haven't got my goals for 2008 ready but I am thinking on it quite a bit.

Hope 2008 is your best year ever!