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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What One Thing Changed Your Life Forever?


If you’re like most of us, you might not know . . . That’s when I would say to you, it’s time for you to get to know yourself.

Start by asking the tough questions . . . Am I happy? Who am I? What have I accomplished? Write down your thoughts . . . Keep a journal.

Last week, I didn’t blog . . . I took the time to collect my thoughts. I read a lot and wrote a lot in my journal. And everyone should write poetry . . . Don’t know how . . . ? Just start writing your thoughts in verse. You see, your thoughts are important to you and really nobody else. And that’s ok, because no one walks in your shoes but you. Get to know yourself . . .

Is there one thing that changed your life forever? We are defined by events. We only remember tragedy or times of happiness, the rest just meld into all the others. But what if one event could change the way you looked at everything.

I remember when I was seventeen, I rolled my car. It flipped over and slid on its roof for what seemed like forever. And the Lord and I had a good talk . . . It was a one sided conversation of sorts. It went kind of like this . . .

“Why me? What did I do, to deserve this?”

Thoughts of the black cat that ran in front of me flashed in my head. I swerved to miss and went off the road. coming back on to fast, the car went over.

“Lord, end this . . . Take me or not?”

And my life flashed before my eyes . . . Thoughts, memories of the people I loved showed on that screen in my mind. Then the car flipped back on it wheels and rolled to a stop.

What a ride . . . I traveled a million miles in time and back again. And now I sat in the dark all by myself. I know there is a God . . .

And from that day I have lived every day as though it were my last . . . I have no regrets.

There was another day on a trout stream, but that is another story for another day . . . Dreams are yours to share. Dan

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Dreams are yours to Share

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Anita said...

One thing? I think that I have two things that are equal in my life... the 1986 wreck that killed my grandparents, and the May 2007 torado that destroyed my town...

Suzanne Lieurance said...


Gee. I didn't have anything tragic happen that caused a change in my life. I simply decided to quit my teaching job and become a fulltime freelance writer and writing coach. Now I truly live the life of my dreams!

I hope anyone reading this will decide to follow their dreams, too!

Suzanne Lieurance
The Working Writer's Coach

mamawsue said...

This story really made me think Dan. I have so much in my life that I need to put into words. I have written some of it, but there are times I just can't put my thoughts down...as if I can make them go away if I don't write them down. I realize this makes no sense! You have given me some real things to work on. Thank You!

ndpthepoetress - Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Excellent question that I will indeed have to ponder for awhile!

Moonshadow said...

Dan, your comments aren't dated so I don't know when you received the last one from this post. Today is Jan. 28, 2008. This post is dated from the 2nd. Haven't seen you around in a while guy. Are you doing OK? Seems like you stopped rather suddenly there.

Hope all is well and that you're just incredibly busy with something more important than blogging. : )

Anita said...

Starting to worry a bit, Dan, you've not been around for awhile... Is everything all right?