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Friday, March 7, 2008

Republic or Democracy . . .

. . .?

While researching my fourth book, "Legions of the Fall", I disclosed some startling truths . . . These truths I am considering building my plot around. A question is haunting me. Is my beloved country, really a Republic, not the Democracy, I perceived it to be?

What I found shocked even me, the cynic . . .

For the U.S. to be a Democracy there needs to be two parties and the people need to have a say, they need to be heard . . . So what’s the problem?

When it looked like Hillary was going out for the count I said, “The comeback kid, eh?”

No . . . I said, “the fix is in” . . . The Clinton's just won’t go away. Does anyone out there remember Whitewater? All I ever wanted from any President was to feel proud of them, of my country again. That’s all I wanted with George Bush and look what he did . . .

Don’t we already know what the Clinton's are about . . .?

If you’ve forgotten let me remind you . . .

+ Whitewater – alleged banking and real estate scandals with friends Jim Guy Tucker and Jim and Susan McDougal . . . Billing records from Rose Law Firm, which Hillary Clinton worked for mysteriously disappeared and somehow they turned up in the White House. To this day, Susan McDougal still refuses to speak about it. ( Stay tuned ).

Does any one remember that George Hubert Walker Bush turned an $80,000 investment in Enron into $18,000,000? Does it really matter how many years it took? Still smells like CRAP.

+ the Clinton’s CattleGate: An investment of $1000 turns into $100,000.

+ Gennifer Flowers – Bill’s twelve year affair.

+ Paula Jones – Bill forgetting to zip up.

+ Hotel Clinton – some call it the White House Lincoln Bedroom, others call it a cash cow . . . Clinton's charged $150,000 a night to sleep there . . . It was rented out over 300 times in their days. I wonder where that money went? Maybe the White House is for sale, eh?

+ Monica Lewinsky – Cigar anyone? I wouldn’t take one from Bill if I were you . . . Monica went to the White House 37 times after leaving for another job. She also offered a job for being quiet by Clinton man, Vernon Jordan, a member of . . .

Remember the House impeached Big Bill for Lying . . . Here we go again.

+ Jaunita Broaddrick – This time Bill was accused of raping her in the late seventies.

+ White House Vandals – Believe it or not . . . They took the W’s off all the keyboards. Funny, eh? Maybe but we paid for them . . . They took silverware and furniture.

+ Midnight Pardons – And there were the 24th hour pardons of Marc Rich . . . Oh and let’s not forget pardons for friends and co-conspirators, Susan McDougal, Henry Cisneros and Roger Clinton. Hugh Rodham, Hillary’s brother was paid $400,000 to assist in gaining pardons for Carlos Vignali.

For those of you who aren’t Familiar with Marc Rich, he is a member of . . . Google him for yourself . . . Then connect the dots.

And this is just some of it . . . And these crooks want another turn at bat . . . Heaven help us . . .

The funny thing is we believe that the United States is a Democracy . . . It’s not, it’s a Republic. We have two parties that want you to believe they have different agendas . . . They look that way on the surface, but when you actually look at accomplishments you realize they are actually working for the same agenda.

+ National Health . . . We’re never going to get it.
+ Border Security . . . Forget it, neither one really wants that.
+ Globalization . . . Both parties are dying to sell this country to the highest bidder.

Don’t believe me? Google Bill Clinton and see what he accomplished during his term . . . Then Google George W. for his accomplishments. George H. Bush is a member of . . .

. . . Dang if they don’t look just about the same . . . A cookie cutter scenario. Really? What is it about secret organizations? Their secret . . .

Alright, here’s the poop. You need to check for yourself . . . Google the following;
+ Marc Rich
+ Illuminati, Freemasons, P-2, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, CFR . . . Oh and gee, the Bilderberg named themselves after a hotel. They are supposed to be the Elite. ( Look at the names. You’ll be surprised. )

And then when you watch CNN, MSNBC, etc. and that expert comes on, maybe you’ll be able to put the two together . . . Ever wonder what those experts were getting to be an expert . . .?

+ Da Vinci Code – Opus Dei, Order of the Malta . . .

And don’t think that this is just happening in the U.S.? Everything is connected . . .

The book is fiction or is it? I always say, fiction is the truth history forgot to mention. To find the truth you have to read between the lines. Royalty, bloodline is the clue.

. . . And next time I will tie a few more possibilities together . . . And remember there’s no such thing as coincidence because everything is connected.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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1 comment:

Ward Tipton said...

For anyone who ever doubted the veracity of the statement that we do not live in a democracy, the true answer is deceptively easy to find.

We live in a Constitutional Republic and NOT in a democracy. Read Federalist Paper number ten by James Madison if you want to see why a democracy is inherently evil AND doomed to failure.

Now if you want a trivia question to irritate people, ask them why Abraham Lincoln opposed the abolitionists in the 1850s and supported it in the 1860s and the slaves in the North were not even freed until two years after the slaves in the South were freed.

If you are still reading after that, my hat's off to you but now ... look at what he did to centralize power in a federal governmental body and look at how that is expressly forbidden by the constitution. Look at the comments of our forefathers about what would happen if we ever let the federal government usurp power from the States and from we the People and look at what has been happening with increasing frequency since the civil war.

The Constitution was actually written to replace the articles of confederation but it was written to insure that no federal body could trample on the rights of We the People of the Independent but United States of America.