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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Investors Are So Stupid . . .

. . .

And the research for my fourth book continues . . . Remember, every thing is connected. There are no coincidences . . . Hell no one could make this CRAP up. It’s just too good.

First off, this is not the post I was planning . . . I was going to tell you about De Beers and Sierra Leone, Charles Taylor’s connection to you know who . . . But then this Spitzer thing happened and well that was yesterday. And today the big story is Bush and Iran. Alright, let’s jump right in . . .

The Mid East Commander Retires . . . Hell that’s a nice way of saying Bush gave him his walking papers. Wars are big money . . . They make money for Arms Dealers, Mercenaries and the winner gets the spoils. That’s a huge business. Everyone works both sides . . . And the Merc’s in Sierra Leone were paid with the rights to diamond minds, millions . . . How about an oil well or two. Anyone want to bet on Iran? What a vacation this Summer with pay in beautiful Iran? All the gas you can use for free . . .

So what’s the deal with Spitzer? . . . Why did the Spitzer scandal air itself Monday? How did anyone find out?

The Federal Bank Secrecy Act . . . What’s that? What’s the Federal Bank got to do with it? Good Question . . . Do you think somebody on the Fed had it in for him? . . . Da.

Today the Fed announces the Central Bank would bail out banks for 28 days . . .
The collateral risky mortgages, that’s U.S. property . . . Mention the Fed and I start to cringe . . .

Yesterday Americans were happy as peaches in a basket and then the Fed starts manipulating the markets and somehow they become property owners . . . Who is the Central bank? Who is the Fed? What does Rothschild have to do with it?

Don’t you know . . . The Fed is a private entity. The big boys, the Rothschild Banks . . . Central Bank, the gang . . . Rothschild owns large quantities of stocks in very big companies, fortune 500 . . . Can they manipulate the profits of said companies? They are members of those boards and so many others . . . You tell me.

CRAP people, wake up . . . Bush don’t give a damn about you, not Republicans, not anybody . . .

Ok, let’s put it in terms everyone can understand . . . Globalization and privatization are shams. It allows those idiots in Washington to sell our country up the river. It doesn’t matter if it’s Hillary, Bush or McCain . . . Maybe we have a shot with Obama, I’m not sure yet? Though he looks like the only possible bet we have . . .

The truth about the Presidency is whoever gets it, is coming away with Billions . . . That’s millions with a B.

Right . . . Yea, that’s right. So here we are giving contracts to Europe for tankers when our own country should be supporting those that voted for them . . . Remember the people, hey that’s us.

Yea, I know all you free marketers out there think that they did the right thing. Tell me that when your job vanishes like the elk or the wolf . . .

So here we are believers of their CRAP about oil . . . Oh it’s running out all right, millions of years of rotting leaves and plants. Sure it’s running out, right out of the ground and into their pockets. You’re paying $4.00 because of China. Who do you think is bidding up the oil?

The Rothschild’s and Rockefellers are smarter than us . . . They know the importance of lineage and secrecy . . . That’s right they keep their money in the family and pass it on generation after generation. And we spend all of ours.

. . . Globalization works don’t it? Your jobs went to Mexico and then they went India and now China . . . Industry will always, always seek the lowest price for labor. That’s why the U.S. border will never be closed . . . Not by Democrats and certainly not by Republicans . . . So when the U.S. market is destroyed where will they sell their goods?

How many billion Chinese are there? How many people in India . . . ? And you say you’re a Republican. So am I, but I’m not stupid either . . . I know where Industry goes, so goes the market, so goes the jobs and so goes the money . . . So when do you move to China? I’m staying, I’m fighting . . .

And Microsoft, Bill feels the need to import 900 workers from India . . . That’s the same man that stole windows from Apple . . . Hell the total number of work visas given each year is something like 60,000 and Microsoft receives almost 1000 . . . Why? Why? Why?

Oh, they’re better educated . . . Wait a minute, we educated them . . . Oh yea, we did. What’s the deal?

The deal is this . . . Your Government has sold you out, every last one of them. There’s no such thing as a two party America . . . No really, there’s not. Why do you think they give a damn about abortion? They don’t. How could they and be in support of the death penalty? . . . You know, their playing us . . . And it doesn’t feel real nice!

Do you know which of your politicians are Bilderberg members? Do you even know what the Bilderberg is? Just another think tank . . . No not really. This one is made up of Billionaires, Politicians, the Elite. To be a member, you have to be invited. Have to have power and a billion in assets. Some allude to them as the new world order . . .

Is it a conflict of interest to be a Member of Congress and a Bilderberg? It should be . . . But when is anyone held accountable anymore?

And Lady Lynn, she supports Hillary . . . That’s Lady Lynn de Rothschild . . . An American married to Evelyn de Rothschild of the clan Rothschild . . . They spent their honeymoon in the White House during Big Bill Clinton’s proud days in the White House . . . Remember the Lincoln Bedroom scandals . . . Google it.

Isn’t fiction beautiful . . . To be honest, these opinions are mine after much research, I have connected the dots and have determined them as such . . . And I may be wrong, but not too far off.

Something stinks in Denmark, eh? I’ve always said, “If it looks like a goat, acts like a goat, it must be a goat.”>

Dan Hanosh
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