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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today We Have A Choice . . .

. . .

For the past twenty plus years, our American Values have been eroded. They have been ground away by scandals and poor decisions by our leaders. We share a void, an emptiness of despair. We sit on the brink of a great abyss. Will we continue wallowing on that path, I wonder?

Today we have a choice . . . We can believe the old guard, with their messages of hatred and division splintering, thereby guaranteeing us the same tragic results or we can believe in something different . . .

Today I witnessed a glimmer of hope, from Philadelphia, the land of our forefathers, where so long ago a group of men came together for a dream. To build a new and great nation . . . Conceived in Liberty... To us, it became known as the Great American Dream, a place where all men can come together and prosper.

Today in Philadelphia a man spoke with similar words . . . He spoke from deep within his being. He spoke of racial divides as they truly are, of discriminations endured by a generation. And he spoke of bitterness towards their persecutors. And he spoke of a dream, of changes that have fused us together today as a people. And he candidly explained the bitterness.

And his message brought tears to my eyes . . . It seems so long since I have had someone to believe in. That’s all I ever wanted in a President or a Presidential Candidate. Someone to believe, to trust, someone with honesty and sincerity in his words, knowing his words can only come from the heart. Purity of heart is the heart of all Americans. And today Senator Barack Obama gave me back my Pride.

Today we have a choice, we can stay the same or we can be great once again . . .
The choice is ours.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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