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Friday, April 20, 2007

Fear of Reprisal is Censorship

Fear of Reprisal is Censorship . . .

I’m sitting in a restaurant, my son is speaking out on the half of million things that as he says he hates. A normal thing in this world . . . And I have to tell him, he can’t say those things, not anymore. Fear has taken hold . . .

Our schools lock there doors, no one can walk in, not anymore. Now they will be forced to react to all comments regardless . . . And it will be a state of lockdown . . . Fear has stolen our innocents.

Everyone on the air waves will have to watch what they say, for fear that they may offend . . . The sword may land on them . . . Censorship is alive in the U.S.

Righteous as it may be, we have to see it for what it is. Curbing opinions of a few by a large group and where does it usually end? Locked up and books burned.

The internet is not free . . . Rumor has it, that the most powerful search engines place paying links higher than those that don’t . . . And what about truth in the media. Can you say, IRAQ?

Censorship is alive and well in America . . . Everyone says the same thing . . . “What can you do.“

It’s not a question. They’re not asking me. They’re telling me they have succumbed to the wills of a few and my Blood Pressure Rises and boils. Apathy is an ugly thing . . . It was present at Andersonville, Aushwitz and we saw it on 9-11. And we saw it the other day and the day before that.

We don’t fight back, anymore. We don’t write letters to editors, anymore. We don’t write Senators or Representatives, anymore. We don’t speak out, anymore. We’re afraid to say anything at work, anymore . . . For fear, fear of reprisal.

There’s always a victim, maybe an innocent party, maybe not. And those with the voice will be heard and the rest, they will not and we’ll change . . .

Dan Hanosh

Dreams are yours to Share

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