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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Just A Week Away

. . .

In just a week and a day, my baby boy is getting married. I remember his birth so vividly. The nurses wrote in his chart, father of little use. That’s me, only I like to think I had a little to do with the outcome. And I know I did for I can see it in his compassion, in his smile and his devilish grin.

I remember giving him his first bath and worrying that I would drop him. So small, so much responsibility . . .

And then they’re all grown up and everything seems bright. Somewhere along the way they grow up. It happens with or without you. My son lives in Tucson, making his mark on the world twenty-five hundred miles away. I am so proud of him. There were times I doubted he would ever get the fire going and then it just clicked.

I remember when my Mom died. Dad was a wreck and my son was too. Two years out of High School and going now where fast. He didn’t know what he wanted to do . . . That time is hard when you don’t know where you’re going and everyone you know is passing you by.

My boy liked to work on cars and that was my hook, there was always something torn apart in my garage. And so I thought maybe he would like to be a mechanic? I knew the school was in Illinois, I told him he could live with his Grandpa and go to school. And secretly I knew, my Dad was so lonely and my boy would be doing me a big favor.

We visited the school and signed on the line. And for a year he lived, worked and helped my father survive his grief. Then my son moved back no longer wanting to be a mechanic. He got a job as a Pharmacy Tech and today he is an assistant manager for a Walgreen’s. Soon I’m sure he’ll have a store of his own and he fixes his own car, unlike me . . . Good Luck son, Dad.

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