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Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm Tired Of The Double Talk

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We have a problem in this country. We don’t know how to tell the truth and we can’t disseminate between it and a lie. And then we justify it all by saying what are you going to do?

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When Imus was caned, the good Senator, Obama came out against him . . . I was shocked that a candidate would grasp on to such a dividing issue, for whatever reason. And I wrote a comment to “Obama for America”, today I got a response . . . No-reply.

I am a no body American, I understand that. But don’t you think the candidate should justify his words . . .

Here’s what I wrote;


I have a problem with Mr. Obama . . . It’s simple, because of his comments about IMUS, I’m not sure he can be above black and white . . . I was shocked that he said anything . . . This country is not all black, white or other, it just is. A president has to be above that . . . He was wrong.

We all belong to groups, but which takes precedence over another? I don’t want to be known for my skin color. I would rather be a person, father, writer, husband, son . . . We all make mistakes. The classy thing for the coach of Rutgers to have done is to say enough . . . And take make it private. And all those so called Democrat Politicians, no loyalty there.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to share

We need to forgive to mend our wounds and we made a big mistake with Bust, we can not afford another divider.

. . . Why does any one want to be President? I have a feeling that answering this question, might give new incite on why our best people never run for this office . . . Name one president and I can find controversy in his life before being president. Why? I don’t mean personal, business scandals, wrong doings, hiding things, overlooking atrocities just to rise in rank.

We live in a time where both parties are the exact same . . . Sure they distance themselves from the other, but at the end of the day they both drink at the same watering hole.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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