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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Because Parents Need To Know - Part 5

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Part 5 . . . The waiting and Chemo Weekends

Today we took my son for his scans, his second this year. We haven’t got the results yet. Computers were down, what’s a little more parental hell after what we’ve been through, but I’m getting ahead of myself . . .

Where’d I Leave Off? Oh yea . . .

My son was to do his Chemo treatments through Children’s hospital in Milwaukee and everything else was done at Froedtert. We met Dr. Kelly, my son’s Oncologist. That’s when we started those wonderful Chemo Weekends, come in on Friday, get the toxic crap pumped in three separate days worth, eat blandest tasting food and go home feeling like sh*t.

Five times we sat with my son in the hospital, five times we sat through that sh*t. He only really got nauseated once. It used to be hell, each time they gave you the toxic garbage, the patient lost his lunch. Anyway once his white blood count went through the roof . . . You see, the chemo kills blood cells. White blood cells are what fights off disease and they don’t want to let them leave the hospital until they have them replenished. So they gave him a new drug called Neulasta. It speeds up the process of building white blood cells.

All night my son complained that his joints ached, his bones ached and he was tired, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat. The next day at his radiation treatment and he told Dr. Ferrot that he felt bad. The doctor made his nurse draw blood and run tests. The doctor wouldn’t even let the lab do the work, he made his nurse do them . . . My son had a count of 40000, ten times the normal level. White blood cells are made in the bone and they were doing a little speed building at the moment.

Anyway the pain went away and everything went back to normal.

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