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Thursday, June 14, 2007

And It Continues . . .

. . .

Soon it will be seventy years ago . . . The war to end all wars. It was a time we came together to fight another aggressor. The young men went to fight, to die and the rest worked in our factories.

Somehow we forget and it all happens over and over for whatever reason . . . It’s always so easy to find fault with another, it’s so easy to find a righteous path where there is none.

History doesn’t tell us everything. It keeps the details of war out of the books. We don’t feel the sadness for those that have given so much for us. We need to know the horrors of war so we won’t have another. Although with each generation we have to relearn the same insanity over and over.

And now were the ones not following the Geneva Conventions, the American Constitution that so many have died to protect. When our laws are gone, when our will has died our beloved country will be no more.

We have become a cold capitalist society interested only in the dollar and what it can buy . . . We don’t seem to care at what cost.

We prop up China, we buy and buy from them because of cheep labor . . . And we bring it here to sale to Americans. We give jobs that Americans supposedly won’t do to those walking across our borders . . .

And we pass the lower wages on in the form of services. We like paying lower prices for everything. Foreign car makers have build plants in the US, they have grown surpassing our own in a single quarter and the money goes to another country.

And they call this GLOBALIZATION . . . Believe what you will, only know this our children are going to pay for our selfishness.

And we can argue over reasons for buying those products . . . But in the end, the dollars still go away from you and yours and me and mine. The biggest and best market in the world is dwindling, being outsourced to India, Mexico, China, by our own companies on products to be sold here. Sure today it seems to make sense, but where the jobs go so does the dollars.

Only one thing will save us . . . Protecting the American Market from itself . . . Closing our borders, supporting our industry and buying American. There’s no such thing as free anything, free trade is just a loan today which we’ll keep paying on forever.

Why isn’t anyone speaking out? Where are the great economists? Where is Lester Thurow?

And the real question, will we survive? I wonder.

Dan Hanosh

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