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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Writers Love The Written Word . . .

. . .

I’m reading again, writing more and blogging less. I’m looking for the right mix for me. Currently I’m reading Faulkner . . . I like the classics. Many don’t realize that most great writers were poets before they ever dreamed to write a novel. It’s something I found on my own. You see I first found Hemingway, he caught me with “The Old Man and The Sea” and I didn’t know why?

And so I read them all or as many as I could find. He wrote of the little things that would bore most of us to death. Still I couldn’t see it. So I moved to Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby” and all the rest . . . And I thought and thought, but I read on. And the question began to haunt me, how do they keep us entertained through those oh so boring scenes . . . How interesting is merely drinking in a bar?

And it came to me so many years later. I was lying in the bathtub reading Thoreau and I decided to read it out loud.
And there it was hidden. Hidden from me all those years . . . Their words are special as poetry, they sing. And maybe you don’t believe me, many professors don’t. Then why did each writer, write poetry?

But let me assure you of one thing, that’s not the only reason we deem them great. And like great painters they wrote, experimented and wrote some more until they achieved the writer’s voice they wanted. And then they wrote some more.

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Julie said...

Hi Dan, I'm also a big fan of Fitzgerald. I've read everything he wrote that I could get my hands on. He was a master of the short story.


Dan Hanosh said...


F. Scott's best work was The Great Gatsby although I enjoy everything he wrote. He told us of a time and place most of us know nothing about. And he once wrote The Price Was High, I have to concur.