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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The World Outside My Window Is Available

The World Outside My Window is available again at AuthorHouse . . .

My first book, The World Outside My Window is again available at AuthorHouse . . . Soon Sleepless Nights will be released . . . That is if it ever stops raining. I need to retake the picture for my cover.

Soon I will be slowing down on blogging to finish my novel, Sins of a Father. I’ve been working on that so called final edit for over a year . . . You see, life raised its ugly head again and well things were put on hold. Now that things are slowing, I will force myself back to the story . . .

Maybe I shouldn’t say force . . . The truth is I cherish any chance I get to write, even if it’s only editing. For living my dream, that’s what it’s all about. And after that I’m not sure what I’ll be writing . . . I have a lot in the fire, but I’m not sure which will demand my attention.

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