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Friday, June 22, 2007

Pay It Forward . . .

. . .

Everyone at some point asks themselves what’s life all about? Why are we here? What is our calling, what have we got to show for it all?

Is it fame, fortune or something else? To be remembered, maybe? And almost every time we’re not talking about money. We’ve even given it names . . . Martyrdom, Middle Life Crisis. Why a crisis?

We start to see our lives coming to an end and we’re afraid, afraid we just were, treading water, that meaningless dance. Some might count their pennies, I suppose? But most will look for something they can say they gave back, something anything that made a difference.

This feeling is not unique to our time alone. The Pharos built grand pyramids, the Inca left their own, Shakespeare wrote of it in his time. Dickens made it known in A Christmas Carroll.

But what can I do. First stop using that phrase . . . As a question that’s one thing, but as a statement . . . It has no purpose but to show weakness, capitulation to all other powers. Dreams require action, motion, moving toward something, a belief a goal. Life has a tendency to beat us up, to kill our dreams before we act.

Then came a beautiful thought, Pay It Forward . . . To make a difference in someone’s life. To do something that would help another, to make a difference. We all have the ability to do so . . . But will we?

Have you ever thought seriously about Paying It Forward?

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