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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Whats your legacy


When you take that fateful step, what will you leave behind? Is it money, those material things that you feel were your contribution to the world, to you loved ones or something more substantial?

I have thought hard and long . . . Everyone should. What do all those markers in any cemetery have in common? Chiseled in those granite rocks are last words . . . Do you want to sum up your life in as few as five tiny words?

Not me . . . I write everyday, I journal everyday and I write letters. Among all the poems, novels, etc . . . I am living my dream and I want to make a difference . . . Long ago I realized that if I could change but one person’s path to value each and everyday, I would be a great success. And when a person changes, everyone around them stops to take notice . . . And sometimes others follow.

I notice everything, especially when a person stops in the middle of a hectic day, stoops and smells a delicate fragrant rose. When I catch a moment such as this, I wait for the smile. Then I smile, a warm feeling embraces me. Maybe my smile is more of a very slight smirk, maybe I know I had a little to do with it.

Dan Hanosh
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