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Friday, July 20, 2007

Happiness and Dreams of Tomorrow . . .

Everything is connected, everything we contact becomes us. Our thoughts, our memories, each thing takes up a position in our minds. A dog rubbing your leg, you pet him and he rolls onto his back. You feel his unconditional love and he loves you . . . And at that moment, you love him.

And so we seek, love, friendship, things that make us feel good, the things we enjoy. Why?

Everyday the things we dislike stack up in our minds and before long we can’t see tomorrow as being good. You are the key to your own happiness and Balance is important. Work has to bring more than just a paycheck, it has to satisfy a need, to feel needed, to feel important, just to feel. Family has to the same as do friendships as do everything we do.

And all too often we see things as being more important than anything else. That’s when family, friends and even love will leave us. We become what we seek and slowly our dreams leave us too.

How does this happen? It’s really simple. To make the big bucks, you have to trade all those things in . . . Then and only then can you move to the top of the heap. But what you seek is not always what you receive . . . Your losses along the way may taint any victory you’ve achieved.

If we seek money, we will get money. If we seek happiness, we will get happiness. But somehow we think that happiness, love, success and money are all the same. They’re not . . . How can we be happy if we don’t know what makes us happy?

Our emotions require management . . . Everything requires management. We need to set goals, work to toward those goals and reevaluate our paths regularly.

Too deep . . . We’re much more than mere auto-bots, single threaded computers, able to do one thing well. We’re mankind, we need to do everything well . . .

Dan Hanosh
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