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Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Second Chance . . .

. . .

Doesn’t everyone deserve another chance? What if you were the one in need? No one can tell what tomorrow will bring. You may be the one that needs someone to reach out to them and just be a friend.

I have traveled all over the U.S. and in each town I saw someone in need of a hand . . . Homelessness is on the rise and most of us turn our heads away, look toward the ground as we walk by.

Once I was in a Taco Bell in New Mexico. A man entered tattered and torn, pack on his back. He placed his bag on a chair and counted his change. Then he went to the counter . . . Five minutes later another man walked up to the counter. The teen finally stopped what he was doing and went to help the second man. The first man stood there a moment and then went back to his pack and sat down.

I watched, I felt the rage enter me, enter my heart . . . Then I reached into my pocket, found the crumbled five I had placed there. I stood and walked over to the man and tossed the money on his table . . . He simply said, thanks, brother. His sullen eyes looked into mine quickly and then back to the table. Tears began to fill my eyes . . . Why must we be ashamed?

What if you were in need? What would you feel then? This is not something new. They are not doing better than you. They don’t secretly live in mansions on a hill looking down on you and me. Someone once said to me, I saw it on TV those buggers make thirty thousand a year begging.

Right . . . Someone else said they were tired of those on the gravy train, once they were in a grocery line and someone was buying steaks, paying with food stamps . . . I had to ask them, I just had to . . . What if you were charged with getting the meat for company function and your only means was with food stamps? Sure you’d be reimbursed put how would you pay?

Doesn’t everyone deserve a chance at the American Dream?

Life is not so easy to everyone. Many didn’t start at the same place as you or I. Many never make it far away from where they grew up . . .

Dan Hanosh
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