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Monday, August 13, 2007

Getting in Shape for the AT . . .

. . .

That’s right, I am getting in shape. I’m on a diet and walking the neighborhood . . . I’m up to two laps a day, around three miles. I’m planning on making a dream come true . . . I’m planning on attempting the AT. Now my success isn’t tied to finishing. For me, it comes by putting my foot on that famous trial and just taking a step.

For so many years, I have wanted to hike the path and have had to resolve myself to never doing it . . . Now I know that the dream for me is taking that first step and knowing I did . . . And I know after that first step, I’ll take the second, stay the second day, walk the second hundred miles because I’m not one to quit once I’ve bothered to start.

And of course I will blog along the way, somehow. For Dreams are yours to share, and I will definitely share my dream for all to experience . . . There is so much I want to write, so much that needs to be told, so many people to ask why? Why must you walk this path? What is this pilgrimage that we must make? We are complex beings us humans . . . And I’m pretty sure the answer will come back something like this; we all want to know that we haven’t squandered our life, the gift that was given to us.

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We are such complicated beings.

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