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Sunday, August 12, 2007

One Man's Garbage . . .

. . .

One Man’s Garbage is another man’s treasure . . . In Wisconsin we throw out. Each month we are allowed to throw out big items, from couches to appliances. And that’s when my boys go digging in the trash . . . With the price of scrap steel being what it is, there’s a pretty penny to be had digging in the trash.

In the last year my boys and a friend have dragged home five lawn tractors, six or seven lawn mowers, a leaf blower, several snow blowers, rototillers, etc. They spend maybe twenty minutes and they have them running again. I have one, I cut my grass with and several they have sold.

And the funny thing, a new tractor would cost twelve hundred dollars and mine, mere pennies on the dollar.

We live in a throw away world . . . So many things are trashed because we don’t know enough to fix them ourselves. One tractor didn’t have a key, a toggle switch and off it went . . . Several years ago, I took a small engine repair course. It cost maybe hundred bucks at the local community college. In the class I rebuilt my two lawnmowers. If someone else had rebuilt them, it would have cost about four hundred . . . And now I can rebuild anything. I don’t have to, my boys do it.

I’m not sure what it is, but no one fixes anything anymore . . . I wonder why?

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