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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life Raises Its Head Again . . .

. . .

Each and everyday I write. I write four separate blogs, things such as poetry, dreams, politics and thoughts of writer. Each and everyday I write from the heart. And it doesn’t always come easily . . .

And today I couldn’t find the words. Life had reached into me and stole my words, stole my dreams for just a moment. For a moment I had a terrible scare, dajavue of a year ago. And then, it was gone . . .

But let me say one thing without giving away our privacy, life is only worth living when you live your dreams . . . And when fear enters your thoughts it steals what’s most important to you . . . Dreams Are Yours To Share.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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1 comment:

kathleenmaher said...

Know the feeling. I'm experiencing it today, in fact. Either I'm too scattered and drained or the reverse. You must write in frenzies too to write so many blogs. Now, I'm trying to post daily while rewriting the vast content I produced this year. One "story" I posted throughout last December ran to 25 serial posts, each skating across 2,000 words. That's before I began spending half my time cutting.
More power to you.