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Friday, September 14, 2007

AT Training . . . Brrrrr

Today was so cold. I’m walking 7.4 miles a day around my neighborhood, doing my best to get in shape for the AT. And I had to stop after the first 2.5 to add another layer and to use the little boy’s room . . .

Three hours and my water bottle never completely thawed. I’ve been freezing it for those hot days. Yesterday I was melting. Today I’m a DANSICLE . . .

Tomorrow I’m likely to be road kill somewhere along my trek in my own neighborhood.

My legs are doing much better on the final 2.4 . . . But I have a knee ache now. That’s just the way hiking goes. Soon I’m going to add another lap, another 2.4 miles. Somehow I’ll get an even 10 miles and leave it there for awhile.

What I won’t do for a story . . . My neighborhood isn’t flat. I live in a old glacial range and there are lots of hills. No mountains, just nice grades to build your legs. At the end of my lap is the loop, I call it Dead Man’s Curves. It starts with a gradual down grade into rollercoaster ride to the bottom. Down hill hurts more than up, but what goes down has to go up . . . On the backside it begins its slow assent and when you’ve finished the circle, you know it . . . I always Thank The Good Lord For Giving Me The Strength.

It takes me just about 2 1/2 hours to walk my walk. And in a week or so I’ll add another 2.4 or so. Today was day 18, with just 3 days off . . . My average miles is 5.2 per day . . . 7.4 is my walking threshold for my weight loss, jogging it’s 3 miles. Now it’s starting to melt away.

Dan Hanosh
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AT Dream Training
Day 18 Zero Days 3
Current Miles/Day (20 M/D) 7.4
Total Miles . . . . . . 95.2
Average Miles . . . 5.2
Weight Loss (100 lbs). . 10 lbs
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