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Monday, September 10, 2007

AT Training . . .

. . .

After the rains here in Wisconsin, the mosquitoes are bad . . . We refer to them as the state bird. I have to carry bug spray when I walk. They’re becoming very bold, attacking heat of the sun. I am now up to 7.4 miles a day. Each lap is 2.4 miles with .2 miles to and from loop. The heat and dehydration is a real problem. I carry a frozen water bottle, though the ice is completely gone by lap 3.

When I first started, lap one was the killer, then quickly it was lap 2. And now by lap 3, my feet are killing me and I can’t wait to finish . . . But then again, I can’t wait to up the lap number to 4. It used to take me 3 hours, now its right around 2.5. I haven’t really had any good weight lose, but I know its coming. My muscles are starting to tighten and take shape. And I’m getting stronger. After each walk, I can barely walk, but that’s pretty normal with heal problems. The next morning I struggle with the first step out of bed and slowly it goes away.

Soon I need to add weight training and I’m also thinking about doing some treadmill jogging miles. All in all, I feel real good . . . Although my writing has taken a hit, but I expect that to subside very soon.

I don’t believe this is just for the AT, I think this is my new life style . . . Hiking. You see, I wave to everyone along my walk each day. And the really great thing, is they are starting to wave to me, before I ever see them. Somehow I think the waves are making a difference, we seemed to be happier . . . I know I am. Dreams Are Yours To Share.

AT Dream Training
Day 13 Zero Days 2
Current Miles/Day (20 M/D) 7.4
Total Miles . . . . . . 65.4
Average Miles . . . . 5.0
Weight Loss (100 lbs). . 6 lbs
( ) . . . My Goals

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