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Friday, September 7, 2007

How to get more out of life . . .

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That’s what this site is all about . . . How to live once again. If you need to relearn how to be happy, this is your place. If you don’t dream anymore or life has become a burden, this is your site. If you’re just looking for someone to listen, here I am.

What if there were a way to live a better life, you’d want to know about it wouldn’t you? I’m not selling anything. I’m not selling religion or some special cure all belief.

Life is a process. The life you live is completely up to you. Whether you smile each day or frown is completely up to you. Happiness is up to you. For so long I listened to them tell me how I should live. And I never lived for me. My dreams had stopped coming when I laid down each night . . . I was consumed by the world around me, wanting something more and yet I didn’t know what. And I got what I sought, nothing. For ten years I stayed in a career that was no longer rewarding for me. For ten years I was dying inside and then the company I was working for closed its doors. I struggled trying to start a business, but I wasn’t happy.

In college I had found art, drawing, painting etc. So I started painting again. And when I painted I thought about life. And then it hit me hard. I needed something more than a job. Money wasn’t the key to happiness, I needed more.

How? I was only good at one thing or so I thought. I’d never done anything else. I was a computer geek, on a treadmill chasing a carrot and never getting any closer to it. For years the answer kept its distance, until one day, I decided to enjoy life and see where it took me . . .

It sounds so ill suited to my goal, but I was at an impasse I had never been able to conquer. So I went fishing. At first I did what I knew. And then I wanted to capture the things I saw so I took pictures and later I painted with watercolors and then oils. Maybe I would be a great painter . . .

And then I realized in college, I was very happy . . . Learning made me smile. Fishing made me happy. That’s when I decided to shift my efforts a little . . . I had just gotten back from a trip out west. I had passed so many rivers. So many people were fishing with a fly. Why not learn to fly fish. So I studied, read and took notes on every technique. I wrote down everything.

Then I started a fishing journal of the places I fished. Soon I realized that I liked writing about my trips almost as much as taking them. One day I was up before dawn and driving to some faraway trout stream. Later sitting in my truck in a pouring rain, I started to write. Not the usual stuff, but a story about two dogs on a stream. And the words flowed so easily. And I continued to write after the sun came out, after the day became hot. My pen seemed to more under its own power, something else was controlling it. And when I was finished I fished a little more and then drove home . . .

And all the way, I was dreaming about the next story. And then I knew I was a writer . . . I never could put my finger on why I saw so much more than everyone else, why I felt every pain. Not until then that I knew I was always a writer . . .

Your bliss is out there somewhere . . . You just have to start looking for it. And don’t be surprised where it takes you. You could be a Captain on a large ship, a diver working on an oil rig or a librarian. Dreams Are Yours To Share.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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