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Monday, September 17, 2007

What are your Dreams . . .


Do you dream of tomorrows light? Do you search for the good in others? My questions never end. They start each day, start each story, each poem, each novel and only end with the words, THE END.

What are your Dreams? Are you the adventure seeker, like me or are you satisfied with everyday being the same? For thirty years, I’ve never done the same thing two days in a row . . . I’m an Adventure Seeker and have tried to keep it in check. I can’t any longer.

In eighteen years of childhood, I had only been to one other state. And then I hit fourteen in two weeks. My wanderlust started while growing up in the sixties. I remember one day having had a substitute teacher. He told stories of a three month canoe trip down the Amazon. A friend had to be flown out, after stepping on a stingray. He told stories of head hunters, piranhas, endless mosquitoes and dysentery, the true wilderness experience. And I was hooked, always searching for tomorrows light.

Do you dream of travel? Where have you been? I’ve been to all but five states. Now it’s time to venture out and see how others live.

Do you dream of pictures? Photography, painting, drawing?

Do you dream of trying new things? What are your dreams? Do you know? Many don’t dream anymore, so many aren’t happy, so many have stopped dreaming for work. For me not dreaming is the same as not living and I choose to live . . .

Have you traveled by Amtrak, by bus, or ship, to distant lands, cities or other places? Have you seen the largest ball of twine, the house built of corn or the ice hotel? Have you walked on the beach with your love in hand as the water tickles your toes and the moon shimmers off the waves?

Dreams sprout and spring forth energy, excitement to live life fully, a life of certainty, one without regrets and so many memories.

What dream itch have you scratched, lately?

I started training for the AT. I’m finishing my novel, Sins of a Father. My second book, Sleepless Nights is about to come out. I’m planning a canoe trip to the boundary waters and thinking about trekking through Mexico . . . Dreams Are Yours To Share.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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