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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Careful Dreams IN Motion

. . .

How does it all fit together? Precisely . . . Like two gears tightly machined. Each cog must ring true. Each cog on the gear fits tightly with its appropriate spot on an opposite gear. The first gear is us, our values, beliefs, loves and dreams and the other, is everyone else and the world . . .

Do we fit with everyone else’s beliefs, loves and dreams or are we simply misaligned?

If we spend all our time working, our gear becomes unbalanced. It starts to wobble and break. If we let anything over take all the others everything starts in a topsy-turvy spin . . .

And if the outside world becomes out of whack, again we spin out of control . . . Something has to be done, done to regain control.

What the hell am I talking about? Our values aren’t aligning with our leaders and they’re values aren’t in alignment with the world . . . They don’t know what to think until someone tells them. And today we are not telling them in enough numbers . . . BRING EM HOME

So what does this have to do with Dreams? When the bombs fly, people die and all you’re life’s work will be for nothing . . . Retirement? Forget it. Sacrifices will have to be made and friend that’s us.

And I had a Dream . . . We all had a Dream, once. So I’ll say those words I despise so much . . . Here it goes . . . What can I do, I’m only one person?

May I choke and die for typing those pathetic apathetic words . . .

I remember studying WWII in Junior High. I remember asking why didn’t the German people stand up to Hitler’s hit squads? No one had any reasons that made sense. And now, I know . . . I never ever thought I would see it, but I did and I’m ashamed . . . But the time is right to be great again. It only takes a few to start us on the path . . .

Now I ask . . . What can you do? How can you make a change to right us with the outside world?

There’s so much we can do. Write letters to Congress, the White House, march, write opinions in local newspapers. And yet it seems to go much deeper . . . Any one remember Pay-It-Forward?

How can you change the world? What would make a difference?
I don’t know . . .

Long ago, I started waving to my neighborhood and now everyone waves to everyone. And somehow we all seem closer. And we are. When I walk the neighborhood, people stop to talk to me. They never did before. And now I am shoveling snow for two elder gents up the road . . . A favor here and there and just maybe the world will smile again.

Dreams IN Motion . . .

So here’s what I’m asking . . . Find one thing that you can do to change the world. It can be a small thing as waving or making one new friend . . . But here’s the kicker. Whoever, whatever has to grow, has to be passed on.

ideas . . .
a neighborhood food drive
a neighborhood picnic
start a neighborhood watch group
volunteer for a service club
a neighborhood dance
or just be a friend . . .

And let me know what you decide . . . Leave a comment a link to your blog and I’ll put you on a link list on Dreams are yours to share . . . Oh and write keep writing about your project on your blog. Let us know so Our Dreams IN Motion won’t die . . . Dreams are yours to share.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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1 comment:

czecho said...

I saw that Movie "Pay it Forward" and it was great. If only more people took that to heart.
As for me I belong to a group that started out because of "The Secret Movie" and we meet every 2 weeks to talk about the Law of Attraction, existentialism, spiritualism and so on.
We decided that this Christmas instead of holding a Christmas party for our group , we would take that money and find several needy families in the community that cannot afford Christmas, provide them with food and presents so they can have a Christmas.
Someone in our group who works with a group of prisoners in the local jails, is having the prisoners write Essays on why their families should receive these Christmas Gifts.
It's a very small thing to do but, it's a start.