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Monday, October 29, 2007

Dreams and the Terror Among US . . .

. . .

Everyone knows by now that my message rings true across this great land . . . I’ve tried to keep politics from this blog, but today there looms a darker cloud than one that hit six years ago.
Everyone spews out words most of us don’t have a clue what there all about . . . The War Powers Act, The Geneva Convention, The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, Anthrax, 9-11, Iraq, Afghanistan and now . . . Black Water, Contractors, WWIII, Iran, Syria, Turkey and who’s to blame?

And as before Iraq there were hints at what was to come . . . WMD’s, Arms inspectors being pulled and on and on . . .

What we’re capable of . . .

And this time, a lone B-52 armed with sidewinder nukes flew from Minot, North Dakota to Louisiana and no one knew . . . Or so they say. Do you believe in fate?

The U.S., the only country ever to use the bomb, not once, but twice . . .

I’m not blowing smoke up some ancient orifice, but someone has let the Dogs in, let them run wild across this land. And we’re gonna pay, with blood . . .

It’s high time someone acts like their watching the store?

And I know, no one wants to stand alone. Everyone is afraid of being hauled away, hurt or worse . . . But it’s time to Wake up!

The Fox is in the hen house and he is one of our own . . . And it seems WWIII is on the horizon. And somehow we believe they care about you and me. That’s ridiculous. Where’s your healthcare or mine?

Do you think we would have stopped the Japanese at Pearl Harbor if we knew? I’m not sure any more.

History tells us over and over again that war is never what it seems. Are you ready, are you ready for your children to fight and die or are you ready to fight?

Business as usual isn’t going to stop the insanity . . . Its coming fast, speeding for your front door. And then we’ll be sharing a fox hole, maybe in a desert or in a Chicago Suburb?

I don’t have to relate evidence. You know it all by now, at least that’s what you’ve told me. It’s time to make a choice, are you going to stick your head above the sand or bury it with the trash? Are you going to protest or go peacefully to your death?

Don’t kid yourself, both parties know . . . They are to blame . . . Now it’s up to the few. The Brave Few.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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