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Friday, October 12, 2007

Do You Stop To Pickup Pennies


Many times I find a penny lying on the ground, maybe a handful of change . . . I pick it up, each and every time.

What’s your time worth? Mine is priceless . . . No one can afford me. I have chosen not to work at a job, long ago, I felt cheapened . . . And now when I work, I volunteer . . . It a choice, a value I have set for my way of life, just one of my values. We all have them. Things we live by . . . Do you know which are most important to you?

Early in my life, I didn’t go along with the crowd. I always took a moment to find my own path and I reached for the stars and dreamed. And each day I worked toward being that man, I pictured in my mind. It hasn’t been easy and yet there are morays I just adhere to . . . Lying, nope, cheating, no again, stealing, not me. And there are no exceptions to my values . . .

I try not to judge others, I catch myself at times, but still I try. I believe my opinion is no better than anyone else’s . . . And there are many, many more. But discussing my values is not what’s important. It’s that you know yours.

Each parent is a hero to their own children. And they emulate us. For me, that was the scariest part of being a parent . . . Where did your kid learn that? Where do you think?

What is the most important value that you follow? Happiness is knowing yourself . . . Dreams are yours to share . . .

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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Waterfalls Insights said...

Many times spirits of loved ones passed, drop Pennies or coins for us to find. So that we are reminded of them and our higher purposes in life:)
I used to get angry with my children when I found many Pennies laying around in the house, when they were younger. They used to throw them at each other.
Then as time passed they were older and I still found Pennies! I looked at my 20ish year old son feeling really fed up with it. I blurted out, "Aren't you guys too old for this?" As I showed him a few Pennies in my hand.
He said Hey Mom we stopped doing that a loooong time ago when you got mad at us. It bugs me too! I keep finding these Pennies in my room... even in the Bathroom. Where are they coming from?
So I told him about the spirit Penny droppers and now when we find a Penny or a coin it has a new and deeper meaning for all of us.
Ya know...I'm Canadian and I wish they'd drop Toonies! Now that, would be something:):)
WaterFall in Spirit

Julie Heinrich said...

My daughter and I also pick up pennies wherever we go. My daughter has a real knack for seeing money on the ground (I guess because she is just 7 years old, close enough to the ground, and still has great eye sight!) We've been putting the money she finds into a jar to save for the future.

I know a penny doesn't sound like much but my great-uncle has a favorite story he tells about picking up pennies: his high school friend started picking up pennies and keeping them in buckets. After 50 years of picking up pennines and other change from the ground that everyone else walked right by, he cashed in that money and was ble to buy himself a brand new truck.

Warmbells Holly Tanglepaws said...

My wife always laughs at my ability to spot coins on the floor (I'm 60) at the moment I have a patch over one eye due to double vision after a fall but it hasn't stopped me spotting the coins even from a distance. I support an animal rescue charity so all the coins found go to them, they sure need it. My dream is that one day all people will respect animals then there won't be a need for the rescue charities.