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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why do we look for the wost?


We don’t trust anymore. Trust, what is trust? Is it the same as faith? Do you look for the good in people?

When you meet someone for the first time, do you feel you’re auditioning for them? Sometimes? Never?

Can you tell when someone isn’t listening? Have you talked to someone who’s mind is everywhere else but talking to you? Sure it’s rude, but it happens all the time. Have you talked to someone who is obviously thinking of their next word or two, rather than listening?

I used to get so mad . . . Now, I just walk away . . . They’re not worth my time. I try to talk to everyone. You’d be surprised at what I learn . . . People tell me anything and everything. I can be walking through a store and stranger will start talking to me . . . Not once in a while but all the time. My family usually gets so mad at me, but it’s important to them and so I stop and listen.

And these usually subdued individuals have opened up and poured out their hearts . . . Servicemen don’t talk about the wars they’ve served in, they fought in . . . It’s usually very hard to get them to open up, but when they do be ready for some gut wrenching . . . And I hate war, I hate the killing and the baggage soldiers carry.

Anyway everyone knows the story of the Indianapolis. In WWII, it delivered the Atomic bomb. Returning home, it was torpedoed and sunk . . . More than a thousand men went into the water and the sharks . . .

One day, I met a man. He wore a gold braded baseball cap, with the word Indianapolis on the front. So I asked him, “Were you on the Indy?” “Yes,” he said and nothing else. Then I asked again, “Were you on the Indy when she went down?” “No, I got off the week before.” I could see the tears welling up in his eyes. I saw him fight them back. “I’m so sorry,” I said . . . And tears were streaming down our cheeks. He never said it, but I knew he knew everyone on board . . . All those that had died, he had served with. I gave him a hug before I left. Good people are every where and all you have to do is listen to find them.

Today it’s so hard making friends, keeping friends, isn’t it? We are social monkeys, we need to be accepted. We need our friends. But everyone seems to want something from us, don’t they? At the very least, they want what we value most, time, money, something?

But if your dream is to retire to Florida and play golf, what about your friends, are you willing to leave them? We’ll just make more, won’t we? Do you want truth? No . . . Your new friends will leave a hole in your heart. They haven’t shared your memories. And so we wonder did we make the right choice? You have to know your Dreams, know what makes you happy . . . You have to know yourself.

What is your idea of retirement? Not to work anymore or to do something else? Is your idea of retirement to play golf everyday or spend time with the grand kids? Dreams have to be well thought out to be successful . . . Dreams are yours to share.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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