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Monday, October 15, 2007

Dreams Can Be Shared . . .

My message is simple. Dreams, those goals we often hold high above all others, the ones we use to motivate we can share them with others. So Simple, so powerful and yet many times we don’t, why?

Why are we afraid to embrace each other? Why are we afraid to cry? The world is so large and often so scary . . . But it’s not as big as it once was, is it?

We can go around it very quickly. We can see images from around the world in seconds. We can see for the first time cultures, embrace them and truly understand, they are not much different than our selves. And yet we fight . . . Who can figure?

Yesterday, I shared my dream with my little buddy, Chris Appel, our book, Sleepless Nights, my brainchild and ours to share. Two years of work, poetry about life, loves and hardships. And I got the chance to share a few moments and write with my little friend.

Yesterday, I took a moment to share it with him . . . And today, I share a piece of that moment with you . . . Thank you Chris for being my friend, for just being you. Dreams are yours to share.

My little buddy was diagnosed with MS at seventeen. Today he walks with the help of others and still he loves life . . . I have never seen anyone embrace it with such passion. From the very beginning his attitude was a thing of beauty, never is he down, never does he stop fighting. And I know he loves the time we share writing together.

And anytime I feel like quitting, I think of my little buddy and I know he wouldn’t . . . So stop belly aching and get back to writing, get back to making difference, to trying. Dreams are yours to share. Embrace it, love it, feel it. PEACE.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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1 comment:

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What a beautiful post!!! I love your friend's spirit. And yours too. You are two beautiful souls!!!

MS has touched my family also. A prayer that they find a cure for MS soon!!!

Hugs, JJ