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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Following My Dream . . . AT Training

My training has slowed . . . My feet have succumbed to blisters and a very slight tendon injury. And so I have tamed my walking. Several days I took zeros and did not walk. The day before yesterday, I started walking, neros, less than my normal 10 miles a day, 1.8 miles. It hurt so I stopped. Yesterday I did another nero, 3.8 before I hit the wall . . . Today I’ll see if I do at least 5 miles . . .

My legs are not even feeling the miles. I’ve quicken my pace. And have started doing more hills. Slowly, I’m getting in shape. My weight hasn’t really changed much, but everyone tells me I’m developing muscles first and then the weight will come off.

Once I get back to 10 miles a day, I plan on throwing some tread mill jogging into my training. As well as some upper weight work . . .

I have been experimenting with food . . . Things I can cook on the trail in one pan, mostly Carbs. Carbs are bad for losing weight, but for hiking the AT, they are essential.

Anyway I tried rice and peanut butter . . . No Seriously. It was fine for a bite or two and then . . . Yuck, I can still taste it . . . I don’t recommend it, never, ever.

I also tried spaghetti and Velveeta cheese with dried veggies. Again, not something I would eat everyday. And then I tried spaghetti, just an easy normal everyday spaghetti, tomato paste and dried veggies . . . Tasty, so far the only thing on my menu.

But if I’m going have to eat for at least 120 days, I’m going to have to have some choices. I don’t want to buy the prepackaged meals. That’s not the experience I’m looking for . . . I want something more . . . Though I’m not really sure, yet.

Soon I’ll have to start planning gear, testing, etc. But maybe I should sit down and write a mission statement . . . What my reason is for going or maybe I’m over thinking it? Ha, but how can I succeed if I don’t know what I want to achieve?

That’s my point exactly . . . We have to have dreams to know where we’re going so then we’ll know when we get there.

So in the coming weeks, I will share what success is for me on this AT Pilgrimage . . .

+ And one thing I most definitely want to achieve is sharing my trip with you . . . I’m going to try to blog along the way, but that means finding a manageable link between wilderness and technology. Hmmmm . . . Dreams are yours to share.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

AT Dream Training
Day 40 Zero Days 11
Current Miles/Day (20 M/D) 7.4
Total Miles . . . . . . 178.2
Average Miles . . . 4.4
Weight Loss (100 lbs). . 15 lbs
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