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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Life's a Norman Rockwell Painting

Ever wonder where those Norman Rockwell towns are today? Are they only in our memories? Why do we see them as the past?

They weren’t . . . Not everywhere anyway. Maybe there were some small towns, maybe before radio, T.V. and video games? Those Norman Rockwell paintings were of a utopian dream, of what could be . . .

Change can happen, but it’s going to take us . . . Change begins at home, inside each of us. Do you dream? Do you have dreams? Dreams spawn hope and hope is eternal . . . A carrot to look forward to . . .

Do you wave? Do you sit on your porch and talk to your neighbors as they walk by?

You don’t have a porch . . . Look around we don’t build them anymore. We are starting to walk again, for very different reasons, health. But do we talk to our neighbors? Do you know your neighbors? I didn’t not until I started walking to lose weight.

And I found friendship in the hearts of everyone that I passed . . . And I never judge my fellow man, at least I try not too. Yesterday, it rained on me . . . But it didn’t stop me. I passed a neighbor raking leaves. She was a little thing, at least ten years younger than me. She was making a pile by the curb. I told her she shouldn’t be working in the rain. She said she wouldn’t melt. On the drive sat her, four wheeled walker. My neighbor, she has MS.

Three houses down lives a very friendly man. He waves every time I see him. Lately he’s been stopping to chat. He is over weight like me, he needs a hip replacement. On the corner lives Charley, we take turns helping the elder gents across the street . . . And when it snows, I take my snow blower up the street and do their driveways.

Over on the other side of my neighborhood, a man sits nightly watching the sunset. He always waves to me as I walk by . . . Last year my son, slid off the road into his tree. My son told him of his fight with CANCER and he listened intently. Then he told my boy, his daughter was a Survivor . . .

And Diesel comes out to speak with me . . . And every day he’s out we share words . . . Diesel is my friend, he’s a pit bull. Once he was out walking with his owner and ran up to me. His owner said don’t be afraid . . . I said, we’re friends . . . Diesel came up and gave me a big sloppy kiss.

And as I walk, I watch for things out of ordinary . . . Call it an odd sort of security, but if I see a need, I’ll act for neighborhood, I love. Norman Rockwell he lives in our hearts, we just have to let him out. Dreams are yours to share.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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Julie Heinrich said...

Hi Dan,

Speaking of Norman Rockwell towns, the next time you happen to be in northern Alabama, stop by Mooresville. It is truly a town that time forgot.

Here is the link to their site


Moonshadow said...

The neighborhood's still there, Dan. It's just gotten bigger and we communicate with new media, but we're still neighbors. Many years back when I first got online I was the member of a genealogy chat room. I'm in Kansas and I was trying to reach my Aunt in Oregon but was having no luck. I went to my chat room and asked if there was anyone that was in my aunt's area. Someone contacted my aunt who in short time called me. The world has gotten smaller and our neighborhood has changed and gotten larger. :)