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Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Dream Continues . . .

. . .

I have a Dream . . .That PEACE will take hold in the world and the United States will be again the role model of the Dream.

That everyone will embrace the idea and allow the word to float easily from their lips. And that one day we’ll teach our children the importance of the Dream . . . I dream have a dream of a time when we view our enemies as human beings once more.

I have a Dream . . . That we’ll realize that happiness is tied to everything and that we’re tied to everything also. Every living thing depends on every other thing . . . Actions are merely the ripples that will be felt for years to come . . . I’m so tired of the killing, the lying and the deceptions . . . When will it end?

I have a Dream . . . That everyone will turn off their televisions and go out in the world and walk. Walk with their heads up and their hearts open. I have a dream that every person will wave to everyone they see and maybe someday, everyone will smile again and say hi.

Every great moment starts with a baby’s step. Every great man was humbled at birth. We share a bond with the people of the world. We breath, we love and we die. Isn’t that enough for PEACE? Isn’t that enough to love?

Dreams Are Yours To Share . . .

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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My Mission . . . Dreams are yours to share is dedicated to DREAMS, learning to dream again, learning to be happy again. Everyday we are bombarded with unhappiness, news of wars, killings, lies and deceit. And no where can we go to balance the load . . . My message is simple, change only happens when we change. Happiness is contagious and it stops wars dead . . . Find you bliss, follow your dreams, live a life with no regrets . . . Dreams are Yours to share.

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