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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Do You Believe In Tomorrow's Yet To Come . . .

. . . ?

I’m a believer. I like to keep some things private . . . But let me say, my Bible sits on my desk. Right next to my dictionaries, English, Spanish, Italian and French, right next to a golden bust of Abraham Lincoln and that’s all you need to know. Some things are better left said through my actions. Through the choices I have made or will make. And each time I face a choice I always think what he’d do, what makes the most sense . . .

My mom helped shape me into who I am . . . And I did the rest. My character didn’t come by accident . . . I lived life and made choices along the way. Some good and a lot of ones that I’m not so proud of, that is until I decided to become who I wanted to be.

You see it’s really so easy all you have to do is focus on the goal and you’ll get it . . . But make sure your goal is what you truly want.

Mom was a great role model . . . She was always there to help, whenever she could. She was always there for me, for my questions, my guidance. And I know she’s proud . . . Bless her soul . . .

I remember when she had cataract surgery, they botched job. She was almost blind in one eye, had to use a contact for her eye’s lens. And in a world where everyone is looking for a payday, she just said that’s the way it was supposed to be . . . And when I tell people that’s what I would do, they don’t believe me.

But then I have asked hundreds of people this same question: You are standing in a fox hole with four of your best friends . . . A hand grenade is tossed in, what do you do?

Most say, jump out . . . throw it out. And only one said fall on it. And between me and you, that’s what I would do.

But let me tell you a little about that person. Her father was a military man, a Colonel in the Air Force, a lifer. And this year her brother died and she was left a large amount of money. Apparently he never changed his will when he married and she gave the money to his widow . . . Would we? I’d like to think I would, though who knows for sure?

Again, I’m not saying any one is terrible for suing, for not doing the right thing . . . I’m just saying that’s just not my way. It’s easier to understand if you think of everyone standing on steps, at different levels, all with the same goal. Some are on higher levels and others never make the trip. I believe by helping others, I am really helping my self and doesn’t it feel oh so good . . . Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Dreamers IN Motion Contest Winner . . .

czecho, shinade, amethyst, rioholly, aksn1p3r, moonshadow, debit . . . The winner is all of them or should I say, the real winner is all of us. We’re lucky to have such people among us, standing by our sides.

Each of them will receive a copy of my new and very special book, Sleepless Nights.

Guys just shout out to me or leave me a comment with your name and address and I’ll get a signed copy right out to you. And please keep giving of yourself, keep trying to make difference. Dan

Dreamers IN Motion . . .

If you want to be a dreamer in motion, if you want to be a blogger making a difference? Take on a cause, make it your cause, make it your dream and work toward its achievement. Remember work is only work when its not your dream, not what makes you excited about getting out of bed each day.

Oh and share them with me and write about it on your blog. Together we can change the world one person at a time. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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