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Friday, November 23, 2007

I Must Be Nuts . . .

. . .

Your going to think I’m nuts, but yesterday we went home to get ready for Thanksgiving.

. . . Let me set the back story, our family is spread out throughout the United States like everyone these days and my wife is the one that cooks the meal. We live in Wisconsin and travel two hours to Illinois. This year, we went down the day before so she could get ready, make pies and then we went back that night, just to drive back the next day . . . Let’s just say the in-laws and I, don’t see eye to eye on much.

My father-in-law is from the old school, just can’t see writing as a career nor does my father for that matter, hence the great divide. And once in a while the get together to double team me, but that’s for another time.

Anyway, my father-in-law always wants to know how much I make. It’s a gaping bleeding wound for me with salt being crammed and smashed into the cut so many times . . . I always get mad and leave . . . You see, money has never been the reason I write, it’s not why I blog . . . I write because it’s my dream, I write because I have something to say.

And on this holiday, my father-in-law, he couldn’t help himself and he brings it up once more on Wednesday. True to form, I do the usual thing and go over to see my little buddy Chris. My nephew is twenty-seven, but more than that he is my friend. And together we wrote parts of Sleepless Nights, my second poetry book, his first.

While there, I always have a great time talking to relatives. But it still I have a bee in my bonnet, a thorn you know where . . . I fume about it to my wife driving home, and under my breath that night punching these keys and again all the way down the next day.

And you know what, Thanksgiving day goes over great . . . And the moral, go down a day early and get it out of the way and then everything will go great . . . Hey, he actually gave me a hug when I left, hmmm . . . Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

And don’t get me wrong, I love my in-laws it’s just such a strange and perverse relationship. It’s like being dragged through a cliché, you know the knothole, tension so thick you can cut it and yet I’m still smiling, a writer, a Dreamer IN Motion. I’m living proof, anyone can follow their dream all they have to do is take that first step.

And every time we get together, I find at least one story for my journal, a story when I’m ready for a new novel or maybe I’ve gotten a character or two. It’s great to have material close at hand, I suppose . . . Although . . .

Chris is so excited. Wow, his smile is so contagious and he wants to write again. That gives me such pleasure. You wouldn’t believe the feeling. My little buddy is so ready to work on the next book . . . And I just don’t know why, so many thank me for being his friend? I look at them dumbfounded because they don’t know, I’m the lucky one . . . This kid has his wings and he is my guarding angel, he keeps me following my dreams. MS is such a nasty, evil thing . . . Dreams Are Yours To Share. Dan

A Dreamer IN Motion . . .

My Project . . . Today I want to let you in on a little secret . . . No one likes to tell about their gentle side, their loving heart. Today I am announcing that a portion of the royalties for Sleepless Night will be donated to MS for research in my little buddy’s name. Bloggers do make a difference.

To be a Dreamer . . . A Dreamer IN Motion . . .

To qualify for the 2nd Dreamer IN Motion Contest . . . You must be taking on a cause, helping others, living your dream and giving of yourself for something other than personal gain. You must write about it on your blog and build the dream within others . . . It’s a pay-it-forward kind of project with all the hopes of grander yet to come. And of course, you have to let me know what you’ve done.

Dreamers yet to collect their prize . . . czecho, shinade, rioholly, debbit.

Please let me know your name and address so I can send your very special signed copy of Sleepless Nights. And Dreamers thank you for giving of yourselves and keep on sharing the Dream . . . Our Dreamers come from all around the world, as close as Kansas and as far as Johannesburg South Africa . . . And together we can reach around the world, bloggers can make a difference. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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1 comment:

Peter said...

Hi! I can relate to the in-law thing. We used to call their place "Malfunction Junction". They were great and being old folks they always had fantastic stories to tell, especially the old man of the house. There gone now, God bless their souls. They will be missed.

Now I just have to contend with the 8 brother and sister in-laws. God Help Me and You!!