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Monday, November 26, 2007

What Makes A Writer, A Writer . . .

What Makes A Writer, A Writer . . .

What do you think makes a writer, a writer?

It’s simple really . . . Do you write? Do you write with passion? Do you write everyday because . . . Because you have to? Do you write for fame, fortune or something else?

I have always written for something else . . . Money has never driven me, fame I’m afraid of. I’m afraid fame will keep me from what I love, keep me from the words. I write because I have something that needs saying and you know because of it, I will never fail. Most writers quit, most people with a story to tell fail to start, fail to write that first word.

I’m a poet first, because it’s the only thing that has ever come easy to me . . . It’s the only thing I have never had to beat myself up to learn. And I write with feeling, passion in mind to share my pain with the world.

I started long ago, waiting for a rain storm to stop, sitting along side a trout stream. And when it did I was too busy writing to care. Today I gaze on my beat up laptop with its keys all dark and wore away in those places where my fingers rest . . . Not long the letters will be completely worn away. I have scratched Dreams Are Yours to Share into its surface as if to say this is my tool, my trade where I sit punching down on the keys. The shift key has taken a journey or two, sailing across the room . . . It’s the one I value the most, the one I use the most.

And someday, maybe I’ll be able to buy a new laptop paid by my writing or not . . . That doesn’t matter to me. All that truly matters is the keys, my words springing to life. Maybe someone will read or maybe they won’t?

Still I’ll do what I do . . . Because I’m a writer and writer’s write. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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Robert Drysdale said...

Love this Blog.
I've often thought about what inspires one to write. Your correct, you have to write everyday to hone this skill. I'll be back.

Peter said...

Hi! I see your passion and feel your enthusiasm for writing. Why do I write? I am very poor with the spoken word and I try to make up for it with the written word. I write as I have a goal in mind, not to make money, but to tell a story to achive that goal. I enjoy it more and more as time goes by. I find it fun as well.


Emeniano Acain Somoza, Jr. said...

"All that truly matters is the keys, my words springing to life. Maybe someone will read or maybe they won’t?"

You're so right on, Dan. As for me, if I am able to write something and that someone understands what I have written, then I consider myself a success as a writer, fame or no fame.