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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yesterday Was Amazing . . .

. . .

First let me thank all the Veterans for the sacrifices. It always important to be thankful to those men and women . . . For without them we would not be here . . .

Yesterday, I think I spent more minutes on the phone than I had in the rest of the year combined. Being my Birthday, turning the big 5 0 and it was so nice to hear from family, friends and especially my new friends on the internet . . . To me, that’s as good as an At A Boy . . . You know, that pat on the back from someone that you respect. Thanks Cooper, thanks everyone, for a moment . . .

And that’s all it takes to change the world, a moment, a nod, a smile, a helping hand. We are all standing alone and yet we stand side by side with our brothers . . . I haven’t started any new and exciting projects yet, only the ones that I have been doing for awhile now . . .

+Locks of Love, growing my hair
+Organ Donor- that orange dot on my driver’s license. +Waving to everyone and talking to as many as I can.
+My Christmas Story- I send out a Christmas Story at Christmas rather than a card.
+I write letters to anyone that will write back . . . Funny only one writes back these days, my little buddy Chris, Co-Author of Sleepless Nights. Someday I am going to write that tear jerker . . . Why don’t people write letters? Letters are sometimes all that left after we lay down and I get so many excuses . . . All dealing with time.

Do you send out Christmas Cards? Why not? It’s a little thing the can help ignite the season, give meaning to an over commercialized time. I used to hate Christmas until I found out why? You won’t believe what it was . . . My little family had no traditions of our own. We were doing everything that my in-laws wanted and nothing we wanted to do. And now each year we go see A Christmas Carol together at the Milwaukee Rep. That’s all it took. One day a year, all of my little family gets dressed up, go out to eat and watch a play. And each year they have a donation for one of their charities and I always donate . . . And today I love Christmas again. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without those words, “God Bless Us, Every One.”

And I never leave the theater without tears streaming down my cheeks. Do you know a tiny Tim? I do . . .

Do you see where I’m going with this . . . ? Little things, make the biggest difference in our lives. It can be the baggage we carry or the reason we live. I’ve always had a kind of 6th sense, let’s just say I knew things before they happened . . . Anyway one day I was hurrying to the local community college for class. And I saw a friend that had enlisted in the Air Force . . . Something told me to stop, but I was in a hurry and didn’t. Two weeks later he was dead . . . I have to live with that the rest of my life. Now, I always stop . . .

The other day, our friend Moonshaddow went out of her way to help someone, by knocking on a strange house in the night in order to let someone know their horses were out wandering on the highway . . . But let me tell you a story about a friend and then you might just understand how big a thing it was . . . When I was a boy, a friend, his brother and his father were coming home from bowling on a late Friday night, on a road not far from my house. A car had driven into a ditch. The friend’s father stopped the car, got into the other car to help. Taking the driver’s vitals and trying to wake him up, when the car was rear ended by another car . . . My friend’s father died instantly.

Moonshaddow be careful out there, but keep on being a Dreamer IN Motion.

Dreamers IN Motion . . .

The Cause . . . Dreams IN Motion . . .

So here’s what I’m asking . . . Find one thing that you can do to change the world. It can be a small thing as waving or making one new friend . . . But here’s the kicker. Whoever, whatever has to grow, pass it on . . . Any Action very often passes itself on all by itself. Give it a try.

Possible Dreams . . .
give a buck to a homeless person
say hi to a child or wave
start a neighborhood food drive
have a neighborhood picnic
start a neighborhood watch group
volunteer for a service club
build a habitat home
have a neighborhood dance
or just be a friend . . . Share the love with Human kindness.

Whatever you do, let me know . . . Leave a comment at any of my blogs and I’ll put you on a link list on Dreams are yours to share . . . Oh and keep it going . . . Write about your project on your blog and keep the Dream, don’t let Our Dreams IN Motion die . . . Dreams are yours to share.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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Moonshadow said...

Dan, did you get my "shout" on blogcatalog? Here it is if you missed it...

This is to notify you that I have awarded you with the "You Make Me Smile Award". Please go to my blog http://ksborn.blogspot.com/ read about it and pick it up.

Anita said...

Happy Birthday! I missed it! My dh turned 50 last month... Seems to be a very good age... :)
I love letters AND Christmas cards... Think of all the beautiful letters preserved from the past...

giL said...

Cheers Dan, happy big 50 one. life run fast so we need to live every minute of them.